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iShare Care


Being the developers of the iShare product, our engineers can provide an unparallel level of support for all your questions and technology concerns.


With all iShare products, we offer online, telephone and email support. Take advantage of our subscription pricing and support is included. Sign-up for iShare Care and receive upgrades all year long for no additional cost.


You'll be happy to know that over 90% of our support calls are not for system problems but for additional user training. The more knowledgeable you become on the system, the more benefit you will derive.


iShare CarePlus


Different organizations have different requirements. If your organization demands a higher-level of support, iShare CarePlus delivers with 24/7 coverage to keep your iShare system running with peak performance.



Your Annual License and Support Agreement provides for diagnosis and resolution of all eShare software issues. A software issue is defined as an eShare technology feature not performing as described in the eShare User Guide. You’ll be pleased to learn, however, that we will assist you with other issues as well by putting in a Service Request. These items may include network trouble-shooting, data errors caused by operator or system malfunction or additional training that your staff may require.


Annual License and Support agreements provide a powerful array of coverage for your eShare software including the following:


  • Software Defect Repair for all currently installed eShare software

  • Responses regarding simple software usage questions (responses requiring five minutes or less)

  • Software Upgrades for all installed licensed modules

  • Automatic licensing of all new product features for all installed licensed modules


The following is a list of items that are outside the scope of the Annual License and Support Agreement and are provided for through our Professional Services:


  • Software re-installation due to equipment failure

  • Software re-installation due to equipment upgrade

  • Software re-installation or re-configuration due to Operating System or any other Third-Party software change

  • Software re-installation or re-configuration due to network topology or other network changes

  • Setup of report, program or database definitions or background forms

  • Additional training on the use of eShare software functionality (ex. new staff/department)

  • Customizations or other services not listed in the covered services above


If the service that you require is for the resolution of a software issue then simply log into the Help Desk and open a ticket. For other services, choose from the list below:


Request                                                                                               Cost

eShare Upgrade                                                                                   No Charge

Host Computer software re-installation for a new machine                       $250.00

Scanning PC Workstation – software installation                                     $200.00

Integration into a new Logon                                                                $250.00

Report Definitions                                                                                Send specifications and request Quote

Data Correction                                                                                   $200/hr


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