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We Manage Your Documents

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Capture, View and Share documents, email and audio files, fully integrated with your application software thru the iShare desktop or browser interface on any device!

Create and share high quality PDF reports, letters, and statements, from hold files, text files or your database! View these reports thru the iShare desktop or browser interface on any device.

Share your account data, documents, reports, and phone audio files, intelligently and securely, with your clients thru the iShare private or public browser interface on any device. Cloud or On-Premise options available.

We Are Here to Serve You

iShare speeds business processes by transforming paper documents into electronic form, capturing emails and office documents automatically and building your organization's statements, letters, invoices and reports into high quality, secure PDF files ready for distribution.


These documents along with critical system data can be delivered to your users on-demand in real-time on desktops, web pages and hand held devices precisely when needed. In addition, the iShare technology can be integrated into your line-of-business application leveraging and enhancing your existing software investment.

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