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iShare Products

iShare Documents

Capture, View and Share documents, email and audio files, fully integrated with your application software thru the iShare desktop or browser interface on any device!


Scan paper documents quickly and easily supporting virtually every production scanner on the market. Alternatively, use any copier/scanner that can export TIFF or PDF files to a network folder for easy import. Included are powerful built-in bar code recognition and advanced image processing features. Among these features are image de-skew and filters to prepare documents for character recognition, if required.



Identify and link scanned documents, e-mails, faxes, Microsoft Office documents, audio files or any electronic content to your transaction records for easy archive and retrieval. This module also supports secure FTP downloads of letters, summonses, patient statements or other documents produced by clients or out-sourcing letter vendors.


Identify document and media using barcode recognition, Intelligent Character Recognition, Optical Character Recognition or manual entry.



View your content with desktop, web or mobile devices integrated automatically with your existing line-of-business software.



Generating original documents, letters, and reports can be a significant part of an organization’s document processing. Generate these documents quickly and easily for court filing, servicing on debtors, or client reporting with this powerful module. These documents can include client statements, inventories, and acknowledgement letters. Create incredible high-quality Adobe PDF client statements, letters and reports, or Microsoft Word and/or Excel spreadsheets; all from source print spooler files, text or delimited files. In addition, create letters, notices, summonses and other documents from Microsoft Word templates. You can even include our bar code fonts on original templates for document tracking. Create corporate-professional quality invoices, statements, end-of-month reports and many, many, more.


iShare Reports includes powerful report searching software built into a browser interface for inhouse use or integrated into iShare Clients for secure report sharing with vendors, customers, clients or whomever you designate. Each report or sections of a report can be designated for view by designated users through a user control interface.


iShare Reports

iShare Clients

One of the challenges in today’s high-tech, ever-changing environment is keeping up with your client’s demand for timely, and even real-time immediate access to information regarding their transactions as well as important documents. In addition, they sometimes need access to other electronic content such as audio files, photos and even video clips. Clients and even your staff need a place to go where all this information can be found quickly and easily so that they can be more productive in servicing the ultimate consumer, as well as driving in more business.


iShare Clients meets these challenges by providing stunning onsite, or cloud-based websites that allow your organization and your clients, to access important data, documents and other content, at a moment’s notice, through powerful and secure desktop, web and mobile devices. In addition, iShare allows your clients to upload information, documents other content back to you through easy-to-use user interfaces.


Features include:

• Viewing account data in real-time

• Viewing related documents and other content media – audio/video

• Viewing statements, invoices and reports

• Uploading documents thru iPads, mobile devices and desktop      


• Real-time client chat


iShare Clients greatly improves client and customer services, dramatically reduces operating costs, and performs these operations all while maintaining compliance.


How does it work?


iShare Clients includes all the tools your organization needs to capture and identify your documents and other media. Once your content is identified, it is available to all users that have been granted secure access. By merging this content with data from your existing applications, your client and staff can have a complete picture of each transaction. If content is missing, your clients can add it in real-time without having to involve your staff saving hours of work.


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