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iShare by compass is dedicated to helping organizations become more effective by employing the right data and document access technology solutions to priority information management problems. iShare was developed and is constantly evolving based on the feedback of our customers and our staff working synergistically together.


iShare by compass


iShare represents the state-of-the-art in data and document access solution software and integrates cutting-edge technologies from Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Kofax and others. We are customer-committed and dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support. Our employees are certified ECM professionals with credentials from AIIM and Microsoft and provide our customers with the highest levels of integrity and competence.


We are committed to providing an array of Services designed to give our customers comprehensive support and information in the pre- and post-implementation of any or all of our iShare management modules.


TEL: (646) 722-6219 x702

The most efficient way of communicating most support issues to our support department is to create your own incident entry in the iShare Help Desk . You can report an incident this way. It is received and assigned to an iShare Care Specialist immediately.


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